Gruppe Carcara


Four years before, in the year 1983, Mestre Jimmy at that time Instructor (blue belt) and student of Mestre Gilberto Oscaranha, gave up his charge as sports manager of Ação Comunitaria do Brasil in Vila do João and starts teaching in the sports academy TP108 in Meyer district. In this same period he decides to found the GRUPO DE CAPOEIRA CARCARÁ. Paulinho, meanwhile, considering Jimmy's abandon is chosen from his Capoeira training as a substitute for Jimmy: that was how Paulinho by chance starts his way into teaching .
In 1985 Paulinho finally succedes in finding Jimmy, that in that period was teaching in Lagoa district in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, giving in this way continuity to his apprenticeship and at the same time mantaining alive the bond Vila do João students and his Master. In the Grupo Carcará he meets with Sidney Martins Pereira (actually Contra-Mestre Fumaça) that, besides practising Capoeira, is actor. Mestre Paulinho partecipates in two theatre workshops one given by Sidney and the other by Tina Águas, both members of Grupo Pessoal do Tom.
Amongst the many student that Paulinho had from that period until 1992, when he moved to Rome, we can quote: Wallace Jorge Vieira (Guerrinha), Alex Vieira Da Silva (Chuvisco), André Gonçalves (Curumim), Antônio Carlos Barbosa (Abelha), Jonailson Paulo Martins (Mestre Montanha), his student until the garde of Instructor (cordel azul) e Antônio Carlos Da Silva (Contra-Mestre Cacique) until the cordel verde.

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